PersonalizeAF Project Raises Awareness for Atrial Fibrillation and launches a new video

With the occasion of the European Day for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk we raise awareness for AF and launch the new PersonalizeAF video

On the European Day for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk, the PersonalizeAF project is bringing attention to the growing number of people affected by Atrial Fibrillation (AF). This cardiac arrhythmia causes irregular and abnormally fast heart rates, leading to a deterioration in the quality of life, and can result in stroke and even death. In fact, people with AF are five times more likely to have a stroke than those without the arrhythmia.

Currently, AF affects over 6 million Europeans and 43 million people worldwide, and this number is expected to double over the next decades. Consequently, the need for personalized patient management solutions, such as tailored diagnosis tools and cardiovascular therapies, is rapidly increasing in order to tackle with this epidemic. The PersonalizeAF project is funded by the European Union and aims to increase the number of AF patients diagnosed and treated successfully. Through advanced diagnostic tools and personalized treatments, millions of people suffering from AF can benefit from improved quality of life and reduced risk of cardiovascular events. The PersonalizeAF project, a H2020-MSCA ITN initiative, aims to change the paradigm of AF diagnosis and treatment by delivering a precision medicine strategy through personalized diagnostic techniques and individualized therapies. This multidisciplinary program, undertaken by 15 Early Stage Researchers based at different European countries, brings together experts from different disciplines, including engineers, clinicians, and biologists, all working towards the goal of improving AF treatment and patient outcomes.

With AF becoming increasingly common, it’s more important than ever to prioritize cardiovascular health and take steps to prevent heart disease. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can help reduce the risk of developing AF and other heart conditions.

Join us in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and support the PersonalizeAF project in our efforts to improve the lives of millions of people affected by AF. Check the new video created in the scope of the project:

Together, we can create a future with healthier hearts and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease around the world! 

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