In this section, we will be continuously sharing the dissemination actions taken by the PersonalizeAF ESRs, such as journal papers, abstracts and conference paper. 



Conferences and congresses

  • Bidar, E., Zeemering, S., Gilbers, M., Isaacs, A., Verheule, S., Zink, M. D., Maesen, B., Bramer, S., Kawczynski, M., Van Gelder, I. C., Crijns, H. J. G. M., Maessen, J. G., & Schotten, U. . “Clinical and electrophysiological predictors of device-detected new-onset atrial fibrillation during 3 years after cardiac surgery.” 2021. EP Europace, 23(12), 1922-1930. LINK 
  • Fambuena-Santos, C., Hernández-Romero,I., Molero, R. , Climent, AM., Guillem. MS. “An evaluation on the clinical outcome prediction of rotor detection in noninvasive phase maps.” 2021, Computing in Cardiology 2021; Vol 48. Can be consulted in this link 
  • Marques, VG. , Gharaviri, A., Pezzuto, S. ,Bonizzi, P , Zeemering,S., Schotten, U. “Spatial Relationship Between Atrial Fibrillation Drivers and the Presence of Repetitive Conduction Patterns Using Recurrence Analysis on In-Silico Models”.Computing in Cardiology 2021; Vol 48 – Can be consulted in the following link 
  • Lacki,A., Hernández-Romero, Guillem, M. S, Climent, AM,, “ECGI Periodicity Unraveled: A Deep Learning Approach for the Visualization of Periodic Spatiotemporal Patterns in Atrial Fibrillation Patients,” 2021 Computing in Cardiology (CinC), 2021, Vol 48. Can be consulted in this link 
  • Özgül, O., Hermans, B.; Van Hunnik, A; Verheule, S; Schotten, U; Bonizzi, P; Zeemering, S, “High Coverage and High-Resolution Mapping of Repetitive Patterns During Atrial Fibrillation,” 2021 Vol 48, Computing in Cardiology (CinC). Can be consulted in this link 
  • Gassa, N., Zemzemi, N., Corrado, C., Coudière, Y. (2021). “Spiral Waves Generation Using an Eikonal-Reaction Cardiac Electrophysiology Model”. In: Ennis, D.B., Perotti, L.E., Wang, V.Y. (eds) Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart. FIMH 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science(), vol 12738. Can be consulted in this link
  • Gassa, N.,Sacristan, B. ,  Zemzemi, N, Laborde, M., Oliver, J., et al. Benchmark of deep learning algorithms for the automatic screening in electrocardiograms transmitted by implantable cardiac devices”. CINC 2021 – Computing In Cardiology, 2021, Vol 48. Can be consulted in this link.
  • Unger L, Schicketanz L, Oesterlein T, Stritt M, Haas A, Martínez Antón C, Schmidt K, Doessel O and Luik A “Local Electrical Impedance Mapping of the Atria: Conclusions on Substrate Properties and Confounding Factors.” Front. Physiol. 12:788885.. LINK

Journal papers

  • Greiner J, Schiatti T, Kaltenbacher W, Dente M, Semenjakin A, Kok T, Fiegle DJ, Seidel T, Ravens U, Kohl P, Peyronnet R, Rog-Zielinska EA. “Consecutive-Day Ventricular and Atrial Cardiomyocyte Isolations from the Same Heart: Shifting the Cost–Benefit Balance of Cardiac Primary Cell Research”. Cells. 2022; 11(2):233. Can be consulted in the following link  


  • Fambuena-Santos C,Hernández-Romero I, Molero R, Atienza F,Climent AM and Guillem MS, AF driver detection in pulmonary vein area by electropcardiographic imaging: Relation with a favorable outcome of pulmonary vein isolation.Front. Physiol. 30 January 2023 Sec. Cardiac Electrophysiology 14:1057700. Can be consulted in the following link

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