1. Data mining and statistics summer school 

Planned date: October-November 2020

Host: Universitat Politècnica de València

Workshop webpage

Training modules:

  • Electrophysiology and atrial fibrillation
  • Medical registration and standards
  • Basic signal and image processing
  • Data Mining and Big Data
  • Outcome prediction models and statistics
  • Information search
  • Team building workshop
  • Digital tools and Open Science

2. Advanced signal and image processing workshop

Planned date: January 2021

Host: Maastricht University

Training modules:

  • Systems biology and atrial fibrillation
  • Advanced biomedical signal processing
  • Advanced image processing
  • Diversity in research
  • Best teaching practices
  • Time management

3. Experimental electrophysiology and heart computer models summer school

Planned date: July 2021

Host: Université de Bordeaux

Training modules:

  • Heart modelling and numerical simulation
  • Forward and inverse calculations
  • Cardiac mapping laboratory
  • Scientific writing
  • Intellectual property protection

4. Clinical management of AF and bioengineering workshop

Planned date: January 2022

Host: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe

Training modules:

  • Cell culturing and stem cells differentiation
  • Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis
  • Next Generation Sequencing Technologies
  • Clinical management of atrial fibrillation
  • Ethics in research
  • Public engagement

5. Communications skills summer school

Planned date: July 2022

Host: Simula Research Laboratory

Training modules:

  • Fluid mechanics modelling and turbulence
  • Communication and dissemination skills

6. Regulatory workshop

Planned date: January 2023

Host: Università di Bologna

Training modules:

  • Gender issues in research
  • People management and leadership
  • Female leadership
  • Medical instrumentation regulation
  • Medicament products regulation

7. Industry and career workshop

Planned date: June 2023

Host: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Training modules:

  • Funding sources and grant writing
  • Innovation, start-up constitution
  • Technology Transfer Process
  • Market Access and Market Research
  • Career opportunities in industry
  • Careers opportunitiesin academia
  • Career opportunities workshop