WP 2

Technologies for atrial fibrillation treatment

Scientists involved

  • Work Package leader: Blanca Rodríguez (UOX)
  • ESRs Involved: Thomas Hutschalik (NCARDIA), Albert Dasì (UOX), Narimane Gassa (UBX), Carlos Fambuena (UPV)  and Patricia Martínez (KIT).


Improve the pharmacological and surgical treatments alternatives for AF by:

  1. Developing novel technologies to search different chemical targets in AF
  2. Simulating the effect of the AF drugs in populations of simulated models and check their variability
  3. Developing novel interactive tools for guiding the ablation procedures based on the atrial electrical activity characterization.

Public deliverables

  1. Developed in-vitro workbenches and tools for hiPSC-derived atrial-like cardiomyocytes
  2. Simulated populations of models to in-silico drug test