CinC 2021,

In-person meetings closer and closer

I remembered Computing in Cardiology (CinC) as a lovely experience.

CinC 2019 was my first glimpse into the academic world. I had  just finished my bachelor’s degree and I was presenting part of my thesis in an international conference. It was my first conference, as well as the first time I was travelling “for business”. Paradoxically, CinC 2019 happened to be in Singapore, so the whole story was: “I am presenting my work in front of a multitude of experts in Singapore”. Of course, I was enjoying the full package.

But besides the formal part, CinC 2019 was also where I first heard about the Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship. So, I wouldn’t be a Marie Curie fellow myself if it hadn’t been because I attended CinC 2019.  

And yet, I was rather discouraged to attend CinC 2021.

This time I was no longer attending as an undergraduate student, but as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Ph.D. student. Furthermore, the conference program looked great and the “Atrial Fibrillation” sessions were filled with outstanding speakers. However, the fact that I was attending remotely meant that I was missing a huge part of the conference, a part that I had enjoyed so much during CinC 2019. On top of that, my speech was pre-recorded, so my presence was only required for five minutes to answer possible questions. Something very pleasant about giving speeches at conferences (not that I give a lot, though) are the nerves before the presentation, the feeling that you are under pressure and the extreme joy you get after doing a good job. That makes you feel alive!

None of that was happening this time so I just wanted to get over with it.

Then, out of the blue, just before the chairperson played the video of my recorded presentation, I got the following message from an ESR of the PersonalizeAF network:

– Go Albert (heart emoji) we are here!!

That message made all the difference. Somehow, I felt I was there, with them, with my fellow ESRs.

Figure 1. My remote contribution to CinC 2021
I was then very happy to answer all question I got, some of them coming from members of the PersonalizeAF network (see Figure 2). Surprisingly, after answering all questions, I was joyous with the job done (I won’t say “good job”, I leave that for the audience). So, after all, I had a great experience at CinC 2021.
Figure 2. Patricia Martínez, ESR12, asking a question during my presentation

As said before, the program was amazing, the atrial fibrillation sessions were superb and the presentations from the personalizeAF ESRs were terrific! They did a brilliant job.

I am really looking forward to reading other ESR’s experience.

Keep posted!

Albert Dasí, ESR9