Keep moving, keep learning!

Hi there! It has been a long time since my last post but I have new things to tell you all! 

In the Easter break I had the opportunity to go to Munich to visit one of my best friends since my university years in Valencia. Four years after living an Erasmus together in Graz, life has brought us to Germany, so Easter gave us the opportunity to be together again after this weird year.

Munich in Easter looks even better if it is the first time you go out from Baden-Württemberg

Last month I told you about the side-task beyond research that comes with the role of a PhD student. But, also in March, we had our second meeting of the PersonalizeAF consortium, in which we had the opportunity to meet two important researchers on the topic.

Between the months of March and April, as you probably already know, we are in the middle of the second Workshop of the consortium. The workshop was supposed to be in Maastricht this time but, as we are already used to, is being held online. The courses are not “basic” but “advanced” this time, and I really have the feeling that we are learning without even noticing.

On the other side, these workshops usually have had assignments and presentations to prepare in small groups, which allowed us to work together and build closer friendships.

Long hours working with these crazy girls resulted in funny nights at the end!
Long hours working with these crazy girls resulted in funny nights at the end!

Besides, the ESRs have been trying to have our own “Special Meetings” with beer and games online. Personally, I love these meetings and I feel that we would be great “in person” friends!

This month I am also starting the B2 of German and realizing that it was exactly one year ago that I started this journey. My birthday this year was also a bit different than I expected, but it feels nice to be surrounded by so many lovely people that cooperate to make your day special even under the circumstances.


I haven’t forgotten that I promised you some news about my 3D model, but this month we were so busy with the workshops that…it’s better to have more things to tell you next month!