PersonalizeAF starts!

First steps in the project

We are glad to announce that PersonalizeAF has already started. Since the official start date of PersonalizeAF project -February 1st 2020- we have been working hard to prepare everything in the project for the next 4 years.

Even if we have faced some difficulties because of the COVID outbreak, the beneficiaries of the project have not stopped working. Recruiting Early Stage Researchers, organizing the consortium tasks, stablishing our communication strategy or working in Research ethics were some of the tasks we have focused on. Having spent a few months on this mainly organisational task, we can say that the process of recruiting ESRs is coming to an end and is well on track. Many of the ESRs have already been chosen and are eager to begin their research in atrial fibrillation. 

One of PersonalizeAF objectives to create an innovative multinational, multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary and excellent doctoral training network programme to train 15 ESRs in cardiac genetics, cardiac ion channel mapping, stem cell experimentation, novel drug testing, signal and image processing, computer modelling and patient management, and the first step to achieve this will be to hire these ESRs that will work together during 3 years.

On the other hand, the fact that we cannot meet in person won’t a problem for the consortium plan, since we have already convened our first Supervisory Board of the Network, which will be hold online on July 7. In this meeting we will meet representatives of the beneficiary institutions, partner organizations and the advisory board, and we will discuss the current status of the project.

In the coming months we will be announcing who all these new early stage researchers are, and they will tell you about their journeys in the exciting world of research from their early beginnings until they obtain their PhDs in three years’ time. Let’s get started!

We don’t want to miss the opportunity to also introduce you to the official Twitter and LinkedIn of the project , which are active and where we share interesting information about AF, and the PersonalizeAF project itself, as well as our hasthag #PersonalizeAF.

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