The best "non-Summer" of my life

From Karlsruhe all the way to “the most innovative town of the planet”

The city of Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles River

When we think of Summer, we usually picture in our minds sunny days, beach holidays and thousands of sunsets at amazing spots. Well – I had probably a lot of the last ones, but not at the usual kind of spot I would have ever imagined.

On the 18th of May, and after spending one week in Oslo attending the first onsite Summer School of the Consortium, I found myself flying to Boston – first time in my life flying overseas. I was so excited about this secondment and experiencing the life in Boston, that I could not even sleep in an 8-hours flight. But the next morning there I was, walking through the town of Cambridge and visiting the buildings of Harvard University, the MIT, or crossing the Charles River.

Although I have been working the whole Summer I could enjoy a lot of really nice sunsets

The area is definitely amazing – but the office was even better! Working at the Research & Development Department of Boston Scientific is one of the best experiences I had in my life so far. The team work, the supportive atmosphere, and the constant learning have made of these 15 weeks a really productive time.

I actually collected a lot of impedance data in different configurations and beef hearts that will help me defining an algorithm to detect proper tissue contact – and even to distinguish between healthy and fibrotic? But what I was not expecting was to collect so many wonderful memories and nice friends in such a short period of time. Definitely a great Secondment experience!!!