WP 1



Improve the afeaftechnologies to characterize the atrial state and way it progresses during AF remodelling by:

  1. aefeafa genetic profile workbench for AF progression assessment;
  2. Developing and improving technologies for characterizing the ataefaefaefaefrial muscle and the impact of the disease in the tissue;
  3. Measuring how the disease is affecting the blood flow and the possibility of clot formation;
  4. Developing novel measure techniques to assess the amount of tissue impacted by the disease progression and their electric function; and
  5. Generating different disease profiles related with the underlying structure of the atrial muscle

Public deliverables

  1. Basic genetic and transcriptome profile toolbox for AF progression assessment
  2. Atrial mechanic marker library based for echocardiographic imaging
  3. Impedance mapping system for atrial fibrosis quantification
  4. Disease profile based on AF markers and the arrhythmogenicity determinants